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English Editing

Our senior English-speaking editors have been trained to ensure that the grammar is correct, the words are accurate, the language style meets the requirements of international professional academic journals, the editor/peer review meets expectations, and rejection based on language factors is not a factor in article acceptance.

All our editors are native-English speaker (PhD level)
Multiple rounds of editing
Fast turnaround— four to six business days on most jobs

Scientific Editing

Senior experts in the same field provide detailed suggestions for the overall structure, scientific logic, experimental design, data processing and conclusions of science papers to be accepted by the reviewers and improve their successful submission based on existing experimental results.

American elite school peer experts
Three rounds of harsh editing
Scientific Editing Report

Submission Support Packages

The same field of review experts provide you with guidance on the whole process of paper submission, from a plagiarism check, target journals selection, pre-submission peer review, format and earwork preparation, to the normative review of manuscripts and other materials, one-stop guidance for science point-to-point expert consultation services before and after submission of papers.

One-stop guidance at every step of publication
Journal Recommendation
Pre-submission peer review
Manuscript Submission Assistance
01 Pre-submission peer review
The publishing expert will comprehensively evaluate the quality of your paper, provide a paper quality assessment report, and tell you in detail how to improve the quality of the paper.
02 Cover letter innovation check
According to the requirements of the journal and the content of the manuscript, the advantages and innovations of the manuscript are clearly and concisely described in the cover letter to make sure the editor can immediately see how the article complies with the journal goals, and how it will support the author claims through good methodology and results that will benefit the journal’s readership.
03 Reviewer Response Editing
Review and refine your response to reviewers’ comments to ensure that each question is answered accurately, and that each concern is addressed carefully.
04 Journal Submission
The publishing expert will assist you in understanding the submission system of your target journal and in understanding the journal requirements. Our staff can guide you as you upload the final draft so that it meets the requirements of the journal and the agreements required to protect the publication.
AiMi Editorial Team

Chief Editor

Dr. Howard. F
Position: Chief Editor
Education: Cornell University Ph.D
Editing years: 34
Numbers of editing: 2000+
Expertise: Scientific Editing Services

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